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Free Patterns

Tweed Strawberry

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Strawberries knit up fast using a red tweed yarn to create the look of seeds without color work.  Berry and stem are one piece knit in the round. Leaves are knit in one continuous piece with no extra loose ends.

Square Santa Hat

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Square Santa hats are so much fun!  Two fun, floppy pompoms are much more festive than one. Sizes for everyone. Easy knit, perfect for someone just starting out in-the-round.

Knit Acorn Decorations

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Adorable stuffed acorns that work up super quick are perfect for your fall and holiday decor.  They are knit in the round in one piece.  Take less than 30 minutes for most to make.

Stuffed Wool Apples

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Free Knitting Pattern. These cute apples are perfect for your fall and holiday decor. 4″ tall. Nice round shape that is flat on the bottom so they stand on their own.